1 light year is equal to

A. 9.5×10^6 km
B. 9.5×10^9 km
C. 9.4607 × 1012 km
D. .9.5×10^18 km

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The correct answer is C) 9.5\times10^{12}km.

1 light year is equal to 9.5\times10^{12}km or 9.461 trillion kilometers. A light-year is a unit of distance used in astronomy and it is equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum. The speed of light is approximately 299,792,458 meters per second, so in one year (which is about 365.25 days), light travels approximately 9.46\times10^{12}km. This is a very large distance, as it is equivalent to about 6 trillion miles. It is a convenient unit of measurement for astronomical distances, as many celestial objects are so far away that it would be impractical to express their distances in kilometers or miles.

It’s important to note that The speed of light is a constant and not affected by the motion of the source or the observer, so it is the same in all reference frames.
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