A computer is a box full of electronic

A. Switching devices
B. Chips
C. Circuits
D. Registers

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The correct answer is C) Circuits.
A computer is a complex electronic device that contains a multitude of circuits, which are made up of interconnected electronic components such as transistors, capacitors, and resistors. These circuits are designed to perform specific functions, such as processing data, storing information, and controlling input and output devices.
Switching devices are electronic components that can switch between different states, such as on and off. They are used in circuits to control the flow of electricity.
Chips, or integrated circuits, are small electronic components that contain multiple transistors, resistors, and capacitors on a single piece of silicon. They are used to make complex circuits and are the building blocks of modern computer technology.
Registers are small, fast storage locations inside a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) that are used to hold data temporarily while the CPU is processing it.
Therefore, options A (Switching devices), B (Chips), and D (Registers) are incorrect, and option C (Circuits) is the correct answer.
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