A shopkeeper expects a gain of 22.5% on his cost price. If in a week, his sale was of Rs. 392, what was his profit?

A. Rs. 18.20
B. Rs. 70
C. Rs. 72
D. Rs. 82.20

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The correct answer is “Rs. 72”.
Step by Step Solution:
According to the problem statement, the expected gain on cost price (CP) is 22.5%, while the expected sale price is RS. 392.

We are given the gain % of 25% and the sale price of RS. 392, while cost price is unknown, so we will first find cost price.
According to the profit % or gain %,

\text { (gain) } \%=\frac{\text { selling price }-\cos t \text { price }}{\cos t \text { price }} \times 100

22.5 =\frac{392-C P}{C P} \times 100

\frac{22.5}{100} C P=392-C P

0.225 CP = 392−CP

Now, taking -CP from right side to left side of the equation, it will become +CP

0.225 CP+CP = 392

1.225 CP =3 92

Divide both sides by 1.225, we have

C P=\frac{392}{1.225}


Now we have calculated the cost price, and we already have the sale price, so we can calculate the profit by this formula,

Profit = Sale price – cost price

Profit = RS. 392 – RS. 320

Profit = Rs. 72

So the shopkeeper’s profit is RS. 72
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