At night Plants intake _____ and release _____?

A. Oxygen – Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide – Oxygen
C. Oxygen – Carbon monoxide
D. Carbon monoxide – Oxygen

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The correct answer is option A. “Oxygen – Carbon dioxide

Detailed Answer:
During the process of photosynthesis, which occurs during the day, plants use energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose (a type of sugar) and oxygen. The glucose is used by the plant as a source of energy, while the oxygen is released into the air through small openings on the leaves called stomata. At night, when there is no sunlight, plants continue to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but they do so at a much slower rate. This process, called respiration, is similar to the process of cellular respiration that occurs in animals, but it occurs in reverse. During respiration, plants take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.
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