Basic metals can be converted into gold by

A. Heating
B. Beating
C. Artificial nuclear radioactivity
D. Chemical reaction

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The correct answer is C) Artificial nuclear radioactivity.

It is not possible to convert basic metals into gold through heating, beating or chemical reaction. The process of converting basic metals into gold is often referred to as “transmutation,” and it is not possible to achieve this through any known physical or chemical processes. In ancient and medieval times, many alchemists attempted to convert basic metals into gold through various chemical reactions and processes, but none of these methods were successful.

However, some process like “Nuclear Transmutation” can convert the one element into another one, but it’s impossible to transmute basic metals into gold. In fact, the conversion of basic metals into gold is often used as a metaphor or symbol in literature and mythology, representing the quest for knowledge or the pursuit of wealth and power. It’s also a central theme of alchemy, a medieval philosophical and proto-scientific tradition that dealt with matter, energy and the pursuit of perfection, but none of the practitioners were successful in converting basic metals into gold.
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