Computer MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

A word processor would most likely be used to
Type a biography
Do a computer search in the media center
Maintain an inventory
Keep an account of money spent

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Word processor, also known as word processing program, accomplishes exactly what its name suggests. It allows you to modify the text of a document, for example, reports or resumes. The majority of us enter text through typing, and the software offers tools for copying, deleting, and different types of formatting. In the case of available options, it is likely to be used for typing an account of someone’s life known as biography.
Which tool enables us to send the same letter to different persons?
Mail merge
None of above

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Mail merge allows you to create an assortment of documents that can be personalized for every recipient. For instance, a formal letter could be customized so that it addresses each recipient with a name. Data sources, like spreadsheets, lists, as well as a database is linked to the document. Placeholders, also known as merge fields, tell Word which documents to incorporate information from the source.

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