Daily Foodle Answers – Foodle Answer Today February 22, 2023

Foodle Answer Today: Foodle is a word game specially developed for food lovers, where players have to guess a food name of five letters in six attempts. The Foodle game is available online to play for free. After every 24 hours, the Foodle reset to a new word, so you have 24 hours to guess the foodle answer of the day. So this word game helps check your vocabulary related to food items.

You might think that you can easily guess the food name because of the limited number of food items, but you’re mistaken. Guessing the foodle answer is challenging, so we are here to help you guess the right foodle answer daily. Just bookmark this page, and you will find the right answer to Foodle of the day.

Foodle Today Hints

As guessing the correct Foodle word is challenging, we will give three hints to guess the correct answer for today’s Foodle. Here are the Foodle hints for today’s solution.

  • Today’s Foodle answer starts with letter “S.”
  • Today Foodle word contains ONE vowel.
  • There are no repeated letters in today’s Foodle answer. 

Foodle Answer Today (February 22, 2023)

If you still need help guessing the right Foodle word, don’t worry; here is the solution for today’s Foodle.

The Foodle answer for Today, February 22, 2023 is SPOON.

Yesterday’s Foodle Answer February 21, 2023

If you missed Foodle’s answer yesterday, here’s the answer for yesterday’s Foodle.

The Foodle answer for Yesterday, February 21 2023 is SPOON.

Previous Foodle Answers list

  • Foodle February 20, 2023: BREAD
  • Foodle January 10, 2023: BACON
  • Foodle January 9, 2023: GUMMY
  • Foodle January 8, 2023: RUJAK
  • Foodle January 7, 2023: CURRY
  • Foodle January 6, 2023: BASIL
  • Foodle January 5, 2023: LUNCH
  • Foodle January 4, 2023: PECAN
  • Foodle January 3, 2023: DOUGH
  • Foodle January 2, 2023: ASPIC
  • Foodle January 1, 2023: PRUNE
  • Foodle December 31, 2022: CLAMS
  • Foodle December 30, 2022: DATES
  • Foodle December 29, 2022: BERRY
  • Foodle December 28, 2022: MINTY
  • Foodle December 27, 2022: CUMIN
  • Foodle December 26, 2022: JUICE
  • Foodle December 25, 2022: PIZZA
  • Foodle December 24, 2022: GRAVY
  • Foodle December 23, 2022: MINTS
  • Foodle December 22, 2022: SYRUP
  • Foodle December 21, 2022: CHARD
  • Foodle December 20, 2022: FRIES
  • Foodle December 19, 2022: ROAST
  • Foodle December 18, 2022: SAUCE
  • Foodle December 17, 2022: CURDS
  • Foodle December 16, 2022: QUESO
  • Foodle December 15, 2022: KABAB
  • Foodle December 14, 2022: TAFFY
  • Foodle December 13, 2022: MUNCH
  • Foodle December 12, 2022: WHEAT
  • Foodle December 11, 2022: THYME
  • Foodle December 10, 2022: OLIVE
  • Foodle December 9, 2022: CHILI
  • Foodle December 8, 2022: QUART
  • Foodle December 7, 2022: YEAST
  • Foodle December 6, 2022: SLICE
  • Foodle December 5, 2022: FRANK
  • Foodle December 4, 2022: HONEY
  • Foodle December 3, 2022: JELLY
  • Foodle December 2, 2022: VEGAN
  • Foodle December 1, 2022: MOCHI

Checkout complete Foodle archive list.

How to Play Foodle Game Online?

Foodle is free to play online game that has gained massive popularity among food lovers. Hundreds of thousands of food lovers are playing the Foodle game daily. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to play the Foodle game online, this section guide is for you.

How to Play Foodle Game Online?
  • Go to the official Foodle Website
  • Think about the Food item name containing five letters
  • Now after guessing the name, put it in the first row and press the ‘Enter’ button. Each guess applies to the four different words you need to solve.
  • When you enter each guess word, the box color will change to green, yellow, or grey
  • The changing colors will indicate how correct your guess is
  • Green color means that the letter is in the correct spot, yellow means the letter is present in the word but in the wrong spot, while grey means the word doesn’t contain this letter
  • According to these color boxes, you can guess the word in the next five tries if your answer is wrong on the first try.

Best Starting Word in Foodle?

From which word you should start answering Foodle of the day? as it is challenging, and you may need to know which word is nearest to the correct answer. So what is the best starting word in Foodle?

We suggest you start guessing with a word containing two different vowels, at least giving you a green or yellow box initially. For instance, ‘Apple,’ ‘Beans,’ ‘Bread,’ and ‘Soups’ have five letters with at least two different vowels and common letters like ‘B’ and ‘S.’

Foodle Unlimited

Unfortunately, the game offers only one word to guess per day, and you have to wait 24 hours for the next Foodle, but there is a way to play Foodle unlimited. All you need to do is change the device date, and you can guess the Foodle of that day, and so on.

That’s all about what is the Foodle Answer today. If you want to play more word games, check out more word games like Wordle, Quordle, Lewdle, Weaver, Framed, Contexto, and Nerdle.

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