In a class of CSS, there are 70% girls if there are 25 boys, how many total students are in the class?

A. 83.3
B. 90
C. 80
D. 70

Answer & Solution

Answer: The correct answer is 83.3 students.


Let x be total students in a class.

If there are 70% girls in class, it means 30% are boys.
we can write it as:
⇒ 30% of students in class = 25 boys

The equation will be:
\frac{30}{100}\times x\ =\ 25

Keep the x on left side, and bring other value to right side
it will become,

x\ =\ \frac{25\times100}{30}

x\ =\ \frac{5\times100}{6}

x\ =\ \frac{500}{6}

x=\ 83.3

Hence, There are total 83.3 students in the class.
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