New Comment options can be found under which tab

a) Insert
b) Data
c) Review
d) View
e) None of above

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The “New Comment” option can be found under the “Review” tab in Excel. The “Review” tab is located in the ribbon, and it contains tools for reviewing and commenting on a worksheet.

To add a comment to a cell in Excel, you can select the cell and then click the “New Comment” button in the “Comments” group on the “Review” tab. This will open a comment box next to the cell, where you can enter your comment. You can also use the “Edit Comment” button to edit an existing comment, or the “Delete Comment” button to delete a comment.

Alternatively, you can also add a comment to a cell by right-clicking on the cell and selecting the “Insert Comment” option from the context menu.

Therefore, the correct answer is c) Review.
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