Sam purchased 20 dozen toys at the rate of Rs. 375 per dozen. He sold each one of them at the rate of Rs. 33. What was his percentage profit?

A. 3.5
B. 4.5
C. 5.6
D. 6.5

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The correct answer is “5.6 %

Step by step Solution:

We are given,

a) 20 dozen toys, each dozen toys have a cost price of RS. 375
b) 1 toy selling price is RS. 33

Now to find 1 toy cost price, we will divide 1 dozen toys cost price by 12, as we know dozen contains 12 items. so,

\text { C.P. }=\text { Rs. }\left(\frac{375}{12}\right)

The cost price of 1 toy = 31.25

Now we have both cost price and selling price of 1 toy, so we can calculate the profit percentage by given formula.

Profit % = \frac{Selling price-Cost price}{Cost price} \times 100

By putting value, we will have;

Profit % = \frac{RS. 33-RS. 31.25}{RS. 31.25} \times 100

Profit % = \frac{28}{5}\%

Profit % = 5.6%

Hence, Sam has a percentage profit of 5.6


You can also solve this problem by first calculating the profit amount and then applying the profit% formula, but it will be lengthy, also data of 20 dozen is irrelevant and we don’t need that data to find profit %.

Profit% and Gain % are interchangeable names of each other.
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