Sequential file organization is most appropriate for which of the following applications?

A. grocery-store checkout
B. bank checking accounts
C. payroll
D. airline reservations

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The correct answer is C) Payroll.
Sequential file organization is a method of storing data in which records are stored in a sequential order based on the value of a key field. This type of organization is most appropriate for applications that require the processing of large volumes of data in a batch mode, such as payroll processing. In a payroll application, employee data is typically stored in a sequential file, and the payroll program reads through the file sequentially, performing calculations and generating output reports.

Option A (grocery-store checkout) and Option D (airline reservations) typically require real-time processing of data, where the data is accessed randomly and processed immediately. Option B (bank checking accounts) may require random access to data, but it also involves real-time processing of transactions. Therefore, sequential file organization is not appropriate for these applications.

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