Study of life in outer space is known as

A. Endobiology
B. Exobiology
C. Enterobiology
D. Neurobiology
E. Micro biology

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The correct answer is B) Exobiology.

Exobiology is the study of life in outer space. It’s a multidisciplinary field of study that involves the search for evidence of past or present life beyond Earth and the potential for life in the future in the universe. It involves the use of a variety of disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics.

Scientists who study exobiology are looking for evidence of life on other planets and moons in the solar system, and beyond. They study the potential habitability of other worlds, and they look for signs of life, such as the detection of biomarkers, the study of microbial communities on Earth that can survive in harsh conditions, and the study of the potential for life elsewhere in the universe. It also involves the study of the potential hazards that life forms from other planets might pose to Earth, as well as the study of the potential risks and benefits of human exploration of other planets and moons.

Exobiology is a young field and more research is required to uncover the mysteries of life in outer space.
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