The blind spot is located at the ______ of the eye

A. pupil
B. vitreous humor
C. aqueous humor
D. optic disc

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The correct answer is D) optic disc.
The blind spot, also known as the optic disc, is a small region in the retina where the optic nerve exits the eye and there are no photoreceptor cells. Therefore, light that falls on this area cannot be detected or seen, resulting in a blind spot in our visual field.
The pupil is the opening in the center of the iris that allows light to enter the eye. The vitreous humor is a clear, gel-like substance that fills the space between the lens and the retina in the eye. The aqueous humor is a clear, watery fluid that fills the space between the cornea and the lens.
Therefore, option D (optic disc) is the correct answer. Options A (pupil), B (vitreous humor), and C (aqueous humor) are incorrect.
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