The first mechanical calculating machine was made by

A. William Oughtred
B. Gottfried Leibnitz
C. Blaise Pascal
D. Charles Babbage

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The correct answer is C) Blaise Pascal.

Blaise Pascal invented the first mechanical calculator in 1642. His device was called the Pascaline and was capable of performing addition and subtraction using a series of gears and wheels. This invention was significant because it provided a reliable means of performing calculations that did not rely on human error.

William Oughtred and Gottfried Leibnitz are also known for their contributions to the development of mechanical calculators, but Blaise Pascal is credited with creating the first working device. Charles Babbage, on the other hand, is known as the father of the computer for his work on the Analytical Engine, a mechanical device that is considered the precursor to the modern computer.

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