The fourth state of matter is

A. Water
B. Salts
C. Vapours
D. Plasma

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The correct answer is D) Plasma.

Detailed Answer:
The fourth state of matter is plasma. Matter can exist in four different states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Plasma is a high-energy state of matter in which the atoms are ionized, meaning that they have lost or gained electrons and have a net positive or negative charge. Plasma is often referred to as the “fourth state” of matter because it is distinct from the other three states. Plasma is created when matter is heated to extremely high temperatures, such as those found in lightning, the sun, and certain types of welding. Plasma is often used in the production of consumer goods, such as televisions, computer monitors, and fluorescent lamps. Water, salts, and vapors are not the fourth state of matter.
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