The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to

A. command resources
B. manage resources
C. provide utilities
D. be user friendly

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The correct answer is B. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to manage resources.
The operating system (OS) is a fundamental component of a computer system that manages various hardware and software resources. Its primary job is to manage these resources in an efficient and effective manner, so that applications can run smoothly and the system can perform optimally.
Some of the key resources that an operating system manages include:
CPU (Central Processing Unit): The OS allocates processing time to different programs and processes running on the computer, ensuring that each one gets the resources it needs to run.
Memory: The OS manages the system’s memory, ensuring that different applications and processes have access to the memory they need to run.
Input/output (I/O) devices: The OS controls how data is read from and written to various input/output devices, such as disk drives, printers, and network devices.
File system: The OS manages how data is stored and organized on the computer’s file system, including how files and directories are named, organized, and accessed.
Therefore, option B (“manage resources”) is the correct answer, while options A (“command resources”), C (“provide utilities”), and D (“be user friendly”) are incorrect.
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