The SI unit of charge is

A) Ampere
B) Coulomb
C) Ohm
D) Volt

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The correct answer is B) Coulomb.

The SI unit of electric charge is the coulomb (C). This unit is defined as the amount of electric charge carried by a current of one ampere flowing for one second. The coulomb is a very large unit of electric charge, so it is commonly used in scientific work to measure smaller amounts of electric charge.

The other options are also related to electricity and electrical units.
A) The ampere (A) is the unit of electric current, which is defined as the flow of electric charge through a conductor.
C) The ohm (Ω) is the unit of electrical resistance, which is a measure of how difficult it is for electric current to flow through a conductor.
D) The volt (V) is the unit of electric potential difference, which is a measure of the energy needed to move a unit of electric charge between two points in a circuit.
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