The silicon chips used for data processing are called

A. RAM chips
B. ROM chips
C. Microprocessor
D. PROM chips

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The correct answer is C) Microprocessor.
A microprocessor is a silicon chip that contains a central processing unit (CPU), which is responsible for executing instructions and performing data processing tasks in a computer. Microprocessors are commonly used in personal computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.
RAM chips (Random Access Memory) are used for temporary data storage in a computer system.
ROM chips (Read-Only Memory) are used for permanent data storage and are typically used to store the computer’s firmware or operating system.
PROM chips (Programmable Read-Only Memory) are a type of ROM chip that can be programmed by the user after manufacture.
Therefore, options A (RAM chips), B (ROM chips), and D (PROM chips) are incorrect.

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