To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use

a) The Title Master
b) The Slide Master
c) The Handout Master
d) All of above
e) None of above

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The correct answer is: c) The Handout Master.

In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Handout Master is a special kind of slide that controls the overall layout and design of your handouts. You can use the Handout Master to add a header or footer to your handouts, as well as to customize the font, color, and other design elements of your handouts.

To access the Handout Master, go to the View tab in PowerPoint, and click the “Slide Master” button. From the Slide Master view, you can click the “Handout Master” button to access the Handout Master.

Once you are in the Handout Master view, you can add a header or footer to your handouts by clicking the “Insert Placeholder” button, and then selecting either “Header” or “Footer” from the dropdown menu. You can then type your header or footer text, and use the formatting options to customize the appearance of your header or footer.
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