What is defined by the handout master?

a) Slide formatting
b) Layout of audience handout notes
c) Handout content formatting for Microsoft word export
d) All of above

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The correct answer is: b) Layout of audience handout notes.

In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Handout Master is a special kind of slide that controls the overall layout and design of your handouts. When you create a handout for your audience, the Handout Master determines the layout of the handout, including the number and position of the miniature slides, as well as any headers or footers that you have added.

The Handout Master does not control the formatting of the individual slides in your presentation, nor does it control the formatting of the content when you export your presentation to Microsoft Word. Instead, it is focused specifically on the layout of the handout, and how the slides will be arranged on the printed pages.

To access the Handout Master in PowerPoint, go to the View tab, and click the “Slide Master” button. From the Slide Master view, you can click the “Handout Master” button to access the Handout Master. From the Handout Master view, you can use the formatting options to customize the appearance of your handouts, and add headers or footers as needed.
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