What is known as the cold and dense air blowing down from the mountain slope during the night?

A. Anabatic Wind
B. Katabatic wind
C. Lue Wind
D. None of these

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The correct answer is option B) Katabatic wind.

The katabatic wind is a cold and dense air mass that flows down from a high elevation, such as a mountain slope, due to the force of gravity. It usually occurs during the night when the temperature at higher elevations drops, and the air mass becomes denser and flows downhill to the lower elevations. Katabatic winds can be strong and gusty and can affect the weather patterns and local ecosystems.

The anabatic wind is a warm wind that blows up a mountain slope due to the heating of the air at the bottom. It is the opposite of the katabatic wind.
The lue wind is a warm and dry wind that blows in the Alpine region of Europe, especially in the winter. It is caused by the interaction of high-pressure systems over central Europe and low-pressure systems over the Mediterranean.
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