Which is used to store firmware


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The correct answer is B) ROM.
Read-Only Memory (ROM) is a type of non-volatile memory that is used to store firmware or software that is essential for the operation of a computer or other electronic device. Firmware is software that is permanently programmed into a hardware device, and it is used to control the device’s functions.
Random Access Memory (RAM), on the other hand, is a type of volatile memory that is used to store data temporarily during processing. RAM is used by the CPU to store data and instructions that are currently being executed.
Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM) and Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM) are types of ROM that can be programmed or reprogrammed, respectively, after they are manufactured. PROM can be programmed once, and the programming cannot be changed, while EPROM can be erased using ultraviolet light and then reprogrammed.
Therefore, option B (ROM) is used to store firmware, and options A (RAM), C (PROM), and D (EPROM) are incorrect.

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