Which of the following cannot be stored in glass bottle?

A. Aqua regia
D. HBr
E. None of above

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The correct answer is B) HF.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) cannot be stored in a glass bottle because it reacts with silicon dioxide (SiO2) present in the glass, producing silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4) and water (H2O). This reaction weakens the glass and can cause it to break, leading to a dangerous leak of acid. Therefore, hydrofluoric acid is usually stored in plastic containers or containers made of certain types of metals, such as Teflon or lead.

Aqua regia, HCl, and HBr can be stored in glass bottles as they do not react with silicon dioxide. However, they are highly corrosive and can damage some types of glass over time.
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