Which of the following is used as an Input device for the computer?

A. Printer
D. Light pen

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The correct answer is D) Light pen.

A light pen is an input device that is used to select or highlight objects on a computer screen by pointing at them. It works by detecting the light emitted by the screen when it is touched by the pen, and the computer uses this information to determine the position of the pen on the screen.
Option A (Printer) is an output device that is used to produce a paper copy of a document or image.
Option B (VDU), also known as a monitor or display, is an output device that is used to display images and text generated by a computer.
Option C (TV) is a device that is used to receive broadcast television signals and display the images and sound on a screen.
Therefore, options A (Printer), B (VDU), and C (TV) are incorrect.
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