Which of the following provides a means of printing out feature notes with a miniature slide on a printer page?

a) Slide with animation
b) Outline view
c) Notes page
d) Audience Handout

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The correct answer is d) Audience Handout.

In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Audience Handout feature allows you to create a printable version of your presentation that includes a miniature version of each slide, along with any notes or speaker notes that you have added to the slides. This can be useful for creating handouts for your audience, or for reviewing your presentation before giving a talk.

To access the Audience Handout feature in PowerPoint, go to the File menu, and click the “Print” option. In the Print dialog box, select “Handouts” from the “Print What” dropdown menu, and then choose the “2 slides per page” or “3 slides per page” option, depending on how many slides you want to include on each page. You can then use the other options in the Print dialog box to customize the appearance of your handouts, and click the “Print” button to print out your handouts.
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