Which Planet is the bodyguard of the Earth that save the Earth from many Comets and Asteroids

A. Mars
B. Saturn
C. Uranus
D. Jupiter
E. None of above

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The correct answer is D) Jupiter.

Jupiter, often referred to as the “guardian of the solar system,” plays a protective role in the solar system. Because of its massive size and gravity, it has the ability to change the orbits of comets and asteroids that come close to it, which can prevent them from colliding with Earth. Jupiter’s gravity can also pull in comets and asteroids that might otherwise collide with Earth. This is thought to be one reason why the inner solar system is relatively free of small bodies that could potentially collide with the Earth. Jupiter’s gravity also influence the asteroid belt, many asteroids that were going to collide with Earth were altered the trajectory by Jupiter’s gravity pull which save Earth from collisions.
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