Which type of motions are present in solid?

A. Translational
B. Rotational
C. Vibrational
D. All of these
E. None of above

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The correct answer is C) Vibrational.

Vibrational motion is the most prominent type of motion present in solid materials. The atoms or molecules in a solid are closely packed and are held in place by chemical bonds. As a result, they are able to vibrate but not move around as a whole, this is the main type of motion that is present in solid materials.

In a solid, the atoms or molecules are closely packed, they can vibrate around their fixed position, but they don’t have the freedom of movement as they do in liquids and gases. While translational and rotational motions are not completely absent, they are typically restricted to smaller regions of the solid, such as defects or impurities. This is why translational and rotational motion are not as prominent in solids as vibrational motion, for that reason it is considered a less degree of freedom in comparison.
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