Which woody raw material is used for the manufacture of paper pulp?

A. Cotton
B. Poplar
C. Bagasse
D. Rice straw
E. None of above

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The correct answer is B) Poplar.

The most commonly used woody raw material for the manufacture of paper pulp is trees, particularly softwood species such as pine, spruce, and fir, and hardwood species such as eucalyptus, poplar, and birch.

These trees are harvested and processed into logs, which are then debarked and chipped into small pieces called “pulpwood”. The pulpwood is then cooked at high temperatures and pressure with chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to separate the fibers of the wood, a process called “pulping”. The resulting pulp can then be bleached to produce different shades of paper, depending on the desired final product.

It’s worth mentioning that, there are many other raw materials that can be used to make paper such as, non-woody raw material like cotton, bagasse, rice straw, hemp, and bamboo are also used to make paper. But these non-woody fibers are not as abundant and easily available as trees, so, they are mostly used for specific purpose and specialty papers such as cotton for currency and high-quality writing paper, bagasse for low-grade paper products like napkins and paper towels, and rice straw for packaging paper.
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