White bloods cells are also known as

A. Thrombocytes
B. Leucocytes
C. Erythrocytes
D. None of above

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The correct answer is B) Leucocytes.

White blood cells, also known as leukocytes, are a type of immune cell that play an important role in protecting the body against infections and other diseases. They are called “white blood cells” because they lack the pigments that give red blood cells their characteristic color.

Leukocytes are classified into two main types: granulocytes and agranulocytes. Granulocytes include neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils, which are characterized by the presence of granules in their cytoplasm. Agranulocytes include lymphocytes and monocytes, which lack granules in their cytoplasm.

White blood cells are part of the body’s immune system and are essential for fighting off infection and disease. They help to identify and eliminate harmful pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, and they also play a role in the body’s response to cancer cells and other abnormal cells.

Thrombocytes, also known as platelets, are small, colorless, disk-shaped cells that play a role in blood clotting.
Erythrocytes, also known as red blood cells, are responsible for carrying oxygen to the body’s tissues. They are known for their reddish color because of the Hemoglobin(Iron-based protein) in them.
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