Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of

A. Paint
B. Gun powder
C. Paper
D. Ink
E. None of above

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The correct answer is C) Paper.

Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of paper. Wood is composed of cellulose fibers, which can be separated and pulped to make paper. There are various methods of pulping wood to make paper, such as mechanical pulping, chemical pulping, and chemical-mechanical pulping. Once the fibers have been extracted from the wood, they are mixed with water to form a slurry, and then pressed and dried to form paper.

Paper is used in a wide variety of applications, including printing, packaging, writing, and many more. The demand for paper has traditionally been high, and it is still one of the most important raw materials for the paper industry, although there is a growing trend of using alternative materials for paper manufacturing, like non-wood fibers, recycled paper, or agro-waste.

Paints, gunpowder, and ink are all manufactured from different raw materials. Paints are typically made from pigments and binders, gunpowder is made from a mixture of charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate, and ink is made from a mixture of pigments or dyes and a liquid carrier.
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