Yeast is used in making bread because it produces

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Sugar
C. Bacteria
D. Oxygen

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The correct answer is A. “Carbon dioxide.”

Yeast is used in making bread because it produces carbon dioxide. Yeast is a type of fungus that is commonly used in baking, brewing, and other food-related processes. When yeast is added to bread dough, it consumes the sugars present in the dough and begins to reproduce. As it reproduces, it produces carbon dioxide gas as a byproduct.

The carbon dioxide gas is trapped in the gluten network present in the dough, which causes the dough to rise. This is what gives bread its characteristic texture and lightness. Yeast also produces small amounts of alcohol, which can also contribute to the flavor and aroma of the bread. Yeast is also used in fermented products such as beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, the yeast consumes sugars in the ingredients and produce ethanol and CO2 which are responsible for the alcohol and carbonation respectively.
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